What if…

I’ve been thinking a lot about this simple phrase.
To me it speaks of possibility.
It speaks of transformation.
It speaks of the ways and thoughts of God.

What if…

…we made the greatest commandment our greatest commitment?
…we remembered that you can’t fulfill the great commission by neglecting the greatest commandment?
…we lived out the reality of the resurrection?
…we really chose not to worry or fear?
…we were as committed to unity as those who tried to build the Tower of Babel?
…we were really servant leaders?
…we love our wives as Christ loves the church?
…we didn’t use the ministry to keep us from having to interact with God?
…we viewed the church as a disciple making organism and not as a business?
…we stopped thinking that we had the right to share our opinions and stopped judging another man’s servant?
…we really believed in Jesus’ power to reconcile?
…we were really overflowed by the Holy Spirit?
…older pastor really mentored younger pastors?
…those same older pastors allowed younger pastors to be who God made them to be?
…younger pastors realized that they don’t know what they don’t know?
…we truly prayed without ceasing?
…movements and denominations didn’t resist the continual reforming of the church?
…churches gave their savings to the work of the kingdom in the least reached countries in the world?
…we truly died to ourselves?
…we stopped defining ourselves by what we are against?
…we realized that men will know that we are his disciples by the love we have one for another?
…we only cared what God thought?
…the church stopped being trendy and started being timeless?
…we truly fed the poor?
…we were more Christian than American?
…we were concerned enough for people to actually really share the life-giving gospel with them?
…we stopped snuggling up to the proclivities of our culture?
…we talked to people in person rather than behind their backs?
…if we truly feared God?
…we became the servant of all instead of lording our position over people?
…loved the whole world as God does?
…we lived out the grace that we proclaimed?

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  1. Daniel Fusco
    Daniel Fusco says:

    I have been really seeking the Lord along these type of lines. Taking the things I know to be true and meditating on what life would look like, both personally and congregationally, if we really let the Spirit of God do it.

    Driving in this morning, I came up with about 20 more of these.

    Maybe for my next post

  2. Jeanne DeBenedictis
    Jeanne DeBenedictis says:

    A very thought provoking list of what if’s indeed.. LORD teach us your ways, and help us to simply trust and obey. Your list reminds me of Amy Carmichael’s “If”… that to, very challenging and convicting…. one brief example; “If I can easily discuss the shortcomings and the sins of any; If I can speak in a casual way even of a child’s misdoings, the I know nothing of Calvary’s love.”

  3. Trip kimball
    Trip kimball says:

    Being in Thailand for 2 weeks & the Phillipines for 3 months, the idea of using savings for reaching the least- (& un-) reached really sounds good to hear for a change! It is a HUGE need (my 2c).

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