Beginning Again…

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30

I have only God to thank
And Only God to praise
Beholding all before me
From ashes He has raised.

A prodigal, a wretch
I squandered life He gave
And as I die down in the ditch
He rescued from the Grave.

Undeserv-ed Grace
And overwhelming Favor
Made white as snow, and white as wool
Purged by Blood-My Savior’s.

Redeemed, Betrothed, Been given gifts
A Glory to Behold
Asked to Steward, to “Occupy”
To follow Christ The Bold.

Time goes by, days turn to years
Service becomes rote
Tired of walking on the waves
Longing for the Boat.

“Depart from me! A sinful man!
“Unworthy!” is my cry
Overcome again, For I see His hand
His miraculous supply.

A New Year springs up
A still small voice I hear
“He must increase, I must decrease.”
This is my aim this year.

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