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Little Boy Soldiers

Pastor Bill Walden pastors Cornerstone Ministries of Napa Valley. You can find out more info about him on his blog at pastorbillwalden.com, and about his church at cmmv.org. God calls His people to different tasks, and He gives them different gifts by which they may serve Him, but gifting is only one side of this […]

Demons At The Window

Something happened to me back in October of 2007, but I have been reluctant and forgetful to write about it. Even now, I am not particularly moved to write, but it feels right, and will probably help someone, so here goes. In October 2007, at a Men’s Retreat, I had, what I believe, was a […]

Accepted And Accepting

From what I have seen, a great need among us humans is the need to be accepted. Translate that loved, valued, understood, noticed, heard, appreciated, etc. For now, let’s use the word accepted. For many years of my life, I struggled desperately with wanting to be accepted.  I wanted to be able to accept myself, and […]

As Long As Nobody Gets Hurt

As I discuss Jesus Christ with people, I find that some, if not many, do not want to subject themselves to what they feel is a very restrictive lifestyle.  They see Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity as a system that exists to create rules, enforce rules, and punish those who break them. In seeking to […]

Rules That Kill

It is true that Christianity often misrepresents the heart of God. That can be said of many other religious groups as well, but I will comment on Christianity and its misuse of the commandments of God. It takes spiritual maturity to understand the heart of God which is behind a commandment of God. When considering […]

The Unconscious Ill-Equipping Of The Saints

The good Bible teaching that occurs in many churches is not enough to equip Christ following congregants to interact effectively with the world.  In fact, I believe that some pastors are unconsciously hindering their flocks, and are, as a result, “ill-equipping” them for the work of ministry. I recently heard a tremendous quote, and I […]

Most Is Not Enough

The heart of God is amazing.  He is far beyond us regarding His concern for people.  Every one counts.  God is concerned for every person on this Earth.  He cares for the ones that we overlook and that we might sadly consider “out of reach”.  He seeks those ones who would take “too much effort” […]

Strain Out The “Hype” Flies

Ecclesiastes 10:1   Dead flies putrefy the perfumer’s ointment, and cause it to give off a foul odor; so does a little folly to one respected for wisdom and honor. Solomon tells us that a small thing can negatively affect a great thing. I wish to address what may be a small thing. There is a tendency among […]

Dead Men Preach Better

There have been a few times that I thought that I was going to die.  None of those incidents were heroic, so I won’t mention them here, but they were real enough.  They were frightening, shocking, and in their own way, brought an undoing into my life.  They reminded me of my mortality, and that […]