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The Necessity of Pastoral Leadership

The role of pastor-teacher, especially that of lead pastor-teacher, is one in which a number of spiritual gifts are in operation. The gift of the word of wisdom is essential, that the pastor might give a word in season in difficult situations (Isaiah 50:4). Prophecy is essential, that the pastor might speak edification and exhortation […]

You Need a TSP

  You Need a TSP. We’re not talking here about Trisodium Phosphate, Telecommunications Service Provider, or a Touch Screen Panel. We’re actually talking about a Transitional Senior Pastor. The following article by my friend Dr. Mark Platt has helped shape my ministry with Poimen Ministries (www.poimenministries.com). Since I left Calvary Chapel Monterey Bay in 2006, I have […]

Looking Forward…

The New Year. New years are a gift from God. They allow us to separate one section of life from another. In that separation, we evaluate what has been, and we anticipate what may be. We also put behind us that which we cannot change, while remembering acts of God’s faithfulness that made the year […]

The Only Hope That’s Left

For many years, I have pondered and taught on the inevitable downward spiral that takes place within a culture that suppresses the truth about God. Romans 1:18-32 tells the story. It is social and spiritual devolution—it’s God giving people what they want. They want a life without Him, and He gives them over to their […]