Looking Forward…

The New Year.

New years are a gift from God. They allow us to separate one section of life from another.

In that separation, we evaluate what has been, and we anticipate what may be. We also put behind us that which we cannot change, while remembering acts of God’s faithfulness that made the year what it was. There is significant spiritual and emotional benefit that comes from such reflection. As we have walked with the Lord in faith, we will have grown in appreciation of the ways of God, and in love with His unchanging character.

New years also give us a very welcome and predictable new start. I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions, but I always am glad for the hope and anticipation that each new year brings. Personal change can and will occur. Opportunities to significantly serve the Lord do and will arise. Our ultimate salvation will be nearer for us than when we first believed.

New years also remind me that life, in essence, is daily. I often think of the Lord Jesus, sent by His Father on a mission which lasted 33 years. The overall plan was clear to Him … the Father had prepared a body for Him, a body of complete sacrifice. He would live sinlessly, be the Anointed One, would suffer and die; and then rise out of death into life. He would ascend back to His Father in heaven. All that was clear. The day to day plan was communicated to Him in times of communion with the Father, according to Isaiah 50:4. For Jesus, life was daily. Life is also daily for us … Matthew 6:34.

I could not have predicted most of the events of 2012 on December 31, 2011. Neither will be able to predict most of the events of 2013. But that is no worry, the Lord knows the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done (Isaiah 46:9-10).

Jesus has called us to a life of trust, a life of faith. He has called us to believe what we believe.

I have no New Year’s resolution, but there are two things I would love to see happen in my life in 2013. I want to pray more than in 2012.

I also want to drink more water.

Blessed New Year to each of you. May God bless us all, every one.

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  1. Barbara Thornton
    Barbara Thornton says:

    A very wonderful New Year to all of you. My devotional this morning had for the scripture – 1 Samuel 7:12 – “Thus far the LORD has helped us.” Whether through sickness, or health, difficulties, joy, trials, or temptation–“Thus far the LORD has helped us.” So, I will lift my voice with thanksgiving and confidence in praise, for the Lord has thus far helped us and He will help us all our journey through. What an Awesome God we have. He’s the Best.


    • Bill Holdridge
      Bill Holdridge says:

      Thank you, Barbara! Wonderful New Year to you as well. I love your scripture quotation. Based upon His character and faithfulness to His promises, I think we can confidently and safely say that He will always help us. He’s helped us thus far; He’ll ever help us, even throughout eternity!

      God bless you.

  2. Bill Walden
    Bill Walden says:

    A public thanks and a job well done to you regarding your ministry Transitional Senior Pastor to Refuge Church in American Canyon, CA.

    FYI to all reading, our church (Cornerstone Napa) planted a church 7 miles south of us in January 2011. The church was established and growing, but on July 1, 2012, the senior pastor and my friend Petey Kim had a massive heart attack and went to be with Jesus.

    After a few months of us trying to do it ourselves, we invited Bill to step in and take the reigns. Bill stabilized the church, helped interview prospective pastors, buttressed existing ministries, put out some fires, and last Sunday, 12/30, it was announced that Cornerstone’s current worship leader will leave us and assume the senior pastor position of Refuge. Bill was instrumental in finding refuge a new pastor.

    I just wanted to give a public shout out to Bill, and to let you guys know that his ministry with Poimen Ministries is extremely effective and a huge blessing. I encourage you all to pass the word to any churches going through transition. A church in transition will benefit greatly from having a veteran pastor step in and help them navigate through the waters of waiting on the Lord as they search for a new shepherd.

    Thanks Bill! Job well done sir. Happy New year back at you.

    • Bill Holdridge
      Bill Holdridge says:


      Thanks for the shout out … we Poimen Ministries pastors love what Jesus has called us to do. It is such an honor to be of assistance in any way that’s needed.

      The dear folks of Refuge AC have kept their eyes on Jesus, and now He has given them an under-shepherd that will love, tend, and feed them for many years to come. Both they and he are blessed!

      Blessings to you, Bill!

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