Seeking that Still Small Voice

I have to admit that I am in a transitional season in my life. Newly transplanted in the Pacific Northwest, transitioning into the Senior Pastor position at Crossroads Community Church, changes are everywhere. I have moved from young, small churches to a very large and established church. New surroundings and experiences. New challenges and events. But truly the biggest change that is happening is in my own heart. God is doing something in me.

I have realized in a new and profound way how loud our world has gotten. I have always been a fan of technology. I have always been an early adopter. But whether it is the Twittesphere, the blogosphere, the new Facebook crazes, viral YouTube videos, so much of it is just straight up noise. For some time I have been noticing how most of the internet chatter is just a regurgitation of a few profoundly gifted people. I find myself waking up and checking the phone first off, Twitter, Facebook, email, texts. All noise I tell you. I have no less than three noise devises on my person at any given time. How many of us find ourselves staring at our devises while people, true and living images of God, are right in front of us being ignored? How many of us hide behind our emails or computers while there is a vast and lost world needing to be connected with in Jesus’ name?

Deep within my heart there is a longing for the simplicity of the still small voice of God. The voice that doesn’t pander to celebrity or the winds of culture. The voice that speaks of love, community, hope and redemption. It’s that voice that doesn’t live in our superficial divides over theology or ministry style. It’s the voice that is deeply Biblical without being legalistic or superficial. It has nothing to do with the proclivities of modern evangelicals and the various camps. That voice has everything to do with love and truth. The voice that wants to help us help others see God’s grace at work in their lives and circumstances.

I have also realized that that still small voice is terrifying renegade. We come seeking one thing and we get another thing. We have wants/desires/hopes/dreams and we get God’s alternative and deeply perplexing agenda. We want to do and God says don’t do. We want reward when God says decrease. We want American dreams spiritually fulfilled and instead we get our status quo called into question and new and terrifying horizon energized.

I cannot speak for you. But for me, I am seeking that still small voice.

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  1. Kellen
    Kellen says:

    Great little morning devo. I’m reaqlizing that I’m reading this on a blog on my computer, but hopefully that doesn’t take away from the fact that this was really spiritually encouraging and exhortive today. 🙂

  2. Tim Brown
    Tim Brown says:

    Daniel, I like your noise!

    Yes, what would it be like to go off with a gallon of orange juice, your Bible, and a pen and paper and a whole day of being unplugged!

  3. Jeanne DeBenedictis
    Jeanne DeBenedictis says:

    Great post Daniel,
    I could not agree with you more, especially; “How many of us find ourselves staring at our devises while people, true and living images of God, are right in front of us being ignored?”
    I find that sadly true and more and more all the time. Perhaps we should check our devises at the door when coming into our homes and churches and be listening to that “Still small voice” as we encounter His beloved ones, hungry for connection and all the love, mercy and peace of Christ that we carry in our hearts.
    Thank you.

  4. Daniel Fusco
    Daniel Fusco says:

    It’s funny when you write an article like this, I was writing it for myself. More of a confession than an article. I find myself deeply conflicted both desiring more of God and also equally enjoying my distractions.

  5. Daniel Fusco
    Daniel Fusco says:

    I just got this from one of the folks who work here at Crossroads. I thought that I would lend it to the discussion.

    I’ve reduced your blog into the following prayer for the staff & body here.

    “Rekindle in this people a longing for the simplicity of the still small voice of God that has everything to do with love and truth and that wants us to help others see God’s grace at work in their lives and circumstances as well as our own. And let’s all keep it simple while doing this, in Jesus name. Amen!”

  6. Miles DeBenedictis
    Miles DeBenedictis says:

    I’m not sure that I want to agree that this is a good word 😉 But I will, ’cause of the clear peer pressure of the other comments. So I reluctantly raise my hand in agreement.

    I too have found myself confronted with the exhortation of Psalm 46, to be still before God. Still working on taking time away from the noise and being silent.

  7. Lydia and Thomas Iannizzotto
    Lydia and Thomas Iannizzotto says:

    This article inspired me. It seems like the world is to busy checking their phones instead of checking into Jesus. Have you noticed also how our writings seem to get less legible with the advancement of technology?

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