Total Wellness #3 – Loving God With All Your Soul – Daniel Fusco @ Calvary North Bay

Loving God With All Your Soul

Pastor Daniel Fusco



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    • Miles DeBenedictis
      Miles DeBenedictis says:

      If you don’t mention the author or title, does that make it not a shameless plug 😉

      Is that all I’m going to get? Is relativism really “sexy?”

      Are you witnessing a departure from relativism among those to whom you minister in the bay area?

  1. Daniel Fusco
    Daniel Fusco says:

    Wise guy.
    Everyone buy my book Ahead of the Curve 😉

    Relativism is sexy because it’s the predominant Western value. Even now in Christian circles, doubt and a lack of reasoned, articulated faith seems to be the most popular.

    Yes, relativism, I believe, will be superseded by the complexes of multiple truths that I discuss in the book on the emerging Integral worldview. Relativism says that ‘it’s all good’ but lacks any claims to truth. Integralism says that ‘it all IS’ and is steeped in truth claims. Huge difference.

    For any more, read the book 😉

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