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A different APPROACH for recruiting children’s ministry leaders.

I have the need to be brief.  It’s been a crazy week with some refugee high school boys having serious conflict with a Hispanic gang at two of the public high schools here in Phoenix.  I’ve been interacting with the Phoenix Police, an apartment manager, some leaders from a Burmese Karen Christian church and others.  […]

The local church and illegal immigrants–remember the Gibeonites!

I’m a follower of Jesus, I’m a pastor of a local church that is heavily engaged with serving the immigrants that live in our local community, and I’m a person who believes the bible is God’s self-revelation and that the historical events recorded in the bible actually took place at a specific time in history. […]

Cross-cultural marriages: Navigating the landmines

A few years ago I was asked to write a monthly column for a secular, successful, and fairly influential magazine that serves the Filipino-American community here in Phoenix. The married couple that publishes the magazine had attended a seminar that I had recently taught that focused on cross-cultural marriages. The seminar was designed to help […]

Hard-wiring and conviction–my internet input dilemma!

Because of the way God has wired me personally and as a result of my understanding of what I believe He has revealed as the responsibilities for one of His under-shepherds, my interaction with all things internet related, including this blog, leaves me self-conflicted on a regular basis.  When I couple those two realities with the fact that I’m also a techno-lamer, […]

Tying up some loose ends…

To get to know me is to realize that my computer/internet/social media savvy leaves a lot to be a desired.  To put it bluntly, I’m a techno-lamer.  In my next post I’ll be unveiling in depth two of the major reasons why I seem to be perpetually behind the curve when it comes to technology […]