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Get Your Facts Straight

Ed Stetzer said at the ReEngage conference that 87% of all statistics are made up on the spot. That is especially true for pastors who are notorious for getting information wrong, embellishing stories, or flat out lying to make a point. I know that sounds harsh but let’s face it there is a lot of […]

A Sobering Look Inward as a Parent

The tragedy from last Friday in Newtown is still bouncing around my mind. When I saw images of the children I literally lost my breath. It’s unexplainable and so sobering. We have seen tragedies like this at college and high school campuses but never something like this at an elementary campus with children so young. […]

Passing the Torch

Did you stay up till midnight to watch the torch lighting at the Olympics? I didn’t want to, but I did. Over the years I have been drawn to the Olympic torch lighting like a moth to a flame. It started back in 1984 watching Rafer Johnson scale the steps at the Coliseum and was […]